Miracle of the White Stallions: A Brazenly Patriotic and Kid Friendly Film



Ostensibly the story of the elegant Lipizzaner stallions in Vienna, this 1963 Disney film is blatantly pro-America with some authentic history thrown in.

The director of Vienna’s legendary Spanish Riding School, Alois Podhajsky was desperate to protect his extraordinary horses from the vicious Nazi commanders.  Hopes were dim until the arrival of horseman General George S. Patton who crafted a bold mission to rescue the splendid animals and keep the breed alive.

In 1945, by sheer serendipity, the U.S. Third Army moved into Upper Austria at the time Colonel Podhajsky had hidden the horses on a private estate.  Podhajsky showed the stallions to Undersecretary of War, Robert Patterson and General Patton who were captivated by these special horses.  At the colonel’s request, Patton agreed to make the stallions wards of the United States Army until they could be returned safely home.

The mares and foals had been captured by the Germans along with their caretakers.  On April 28th, members of troops A, C and F of the 42nd Squadron attacked the German lines and accepted the surrender of the Germans at Hostau.  The surrender, according to American Colonel Reed was “more a fiesta than a military operation, as the German troops drew up an honor guard and saluted the American troops as they came in.” 

The Americans, led by General Patton are the conspicuous heroes of the film,  daring to show evil for what it is.  In our current era of Marxist political correctness, movies like the White Stallions are a medium to offset the Ayers-based anti-American agitprop being shoveled in public schools.

To this day, the Lipizzaner performances always include a routine paying tribute to General Patton and the United States of America for having the fortitude to defend this remarkable breed of beautiful and graceful horses.

The Lipizzaner history is not one of a flashy show horse.  Their heart stirring and graceful ballet evolved from their record as noble war horses; the spectacular “airs above ground” athletics were originally developed to fend off enemies and protect the soldier in the saddle.

This is a movie to watch with the kids; when was the last time a film had them standing up and cheering for America?

Sassy and Zirc give Miracle of the White Stallions four carrots.



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  3. Jeanne
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    This is absolutely one of Disney’s finest films ever, IMO. I saw the Lippizaner stallions at the Spanish Riding School when I lived in Vienna (many years ago now!) This story is one of the best examples of American goodwill. It would have been a terrible tragedy if these horses had not survived WWII.

  4. AZ
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    Wow. Someone really wandered off the reservation today! Welcome to Europa!

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