Narcissim is the Least of Their Problems

Everyone is all atwitter about the obnoxious narcissism of the White House party crashers, Tareq Salahi and his wife.  They are prone to living above their means and desperately seeking fame by any means necessary.

The more important fact is Salahi’s connection to the ATFP. Debbie Schlussel and a few others who are bothering to pursue this alarming fact has pointed out that it didn’t take long for the ATFP web site to scrub all references to Salahi, an ATFP board member. 

We should know by now that the MSM is never going to connect those dots.  Quit focusing on the celebrity obsessed grifters and pay attention to who Salahi really is. 

 Terrorist types will see this as a teachable moment regarding White House security.  We need to demand an investigation to find out if the Salahis are just a product of a putrified celebrity obsessed pop culture or working on behalf of an even more nefarious ideology.


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