AFL-CIO Thug: Ignorant of History

AFL-CIO thug, Richard Trumka  has compared Sarah Palin to Joseph McCarthy–and that’s supposed to be a bad thing.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, speaking to the Alaska AFL-CIO in Anchorage today, will take a swipe at Palin for her employment of the term ‘union thugs,’ according to prepared remarks.

Palin, he said, has come  ‘close to calling for violence,” and will ‘go down in history like McCarthy.’

No she won’t.  We now have the internet and citizen journalists.  Palin won’t have to wait fifty years to be vindicated as the late senator did.

Liberals, evidently, have not yet been brought up to speed on the Venona project and the release of senate transcripts.  Obama refers to McCarthyism as “cowardice” in Dreams.  McCarthy didn’t vote “present” on matters of national security.

Liberals to this day don’t understand that McCarthy’s sole mission was to uncover Soviet operatives working in government positions, not put insipid movie actors out of work.  In fact, being blacklisted in Hollywood became a badge of honor. 

For all of their bleating about “McCarthyism”, the left never has understood that McCarthy was a senator and their jeremiad should be directed toward the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

Joseph McCarthy was absolutely right about our government being infested with Soviet Operatives.  Palin has become the New McCarthy  in the minds of poorly educated liberals and for daring to speak the truth.

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