America’s Exceptional Benevolence

Americans are the most generous people on earth; show us a natural disaster, and we can’t whip our checkbooks out quickly enough.  We overload online servers trying to get our donations in.  Note: this is true only of normal Americans.  Liberals, Obama included, are notoriously stingy when it comes to charitable giving when it involves their own money.

What people resent is being forced to give up their hard-earned income to support those who choose not to participate in what we refer to as work.  Socialism mandates surrendering enormous control over our lives to a powerful centralized government in the absurd belief that they will act in our best interests.  When has that ever happened?

The radicals running our public school system have dedicated themselves to extirpating any sense of patriotism in America’s children.  History has been rewritten, making the United States the perpetual imperialistic, jingoistic villain.  Rising anti-Semitism is but one example of the execrable expositions going on in our public schools and universities. 

Our nation is getting yet another opportunity to be the world’s paladin as we organize to provide much needed relief to the victims of the horrific earthquake in Haiti.

At last finding a disaster worthy of an immediate response, even Barack Obama has vowed to send aid to the devastated nation. 

 The last time  Bill Clinton had an opportunity to help the Haitian people, he betrayed them, breaking a campaign promise to allow Haitian refugees to come to the United States.   

“A week ago, those planning their escape from Haiti spoke of President-elect Bill Clinton with reverence. His statements in favor of Haitian refugees had earned him a common saying, ‘After God comes Bill Clinton.” ‘

“But his decision this week to maintain for now the Bush Administration’s policy of summarily returning fleeing boat people to Haiti has caused many here to regard Mr. Clinton as the author of the ultimate betrayal. “

“In an attempt to block a wave of refugees who were expected to sail in hopes of arriving in the United States on Wednesday, Inauguration Day, Mr. Clinton announced on Thursday that he would return the boat people without giving them a chance to apply for asylum. On Friday, the Coast Guard began to move ships toward Haiti to help discourage people from fleeing. “

In essence, Clinton set up a naval blockade to keep out the desperate people to whom he had promised so much.

You don’t have to dig very far below the surface to see that liberals, for all of their claims to be the sole arbiters on all matters of compassion in the world, are, in fact, extraordinarily cruel.  Nary a day goes by when we don’t hear some celebutard like Sean Penn waxing downright lyrical over some murderous thug of a dictator, be it Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.  Our current president staked out the ever-popular pro-infanticide position, startling even Barbara Boxer. 

Yet, even deep into the ravages of high unemployment and burdened with an out of control tyrannical government of our own, we, the people will find it in our hearts to send help to the most recent disaster victims.  Don’t count on any other country to even come close to what America will do.

Of course, if Obama acknowledged the truth about America and her achievements he would have rendered himself superfluous.  A population vulnerable to take over is one that is discontent.  If things are not really so bad, it’s the cult leader’s job to convince you that they are far worse than you could ever know.



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