Progressivism and Obama’s Mental Health

Chuck Roger at American Thinker weaves the nefarious Progressive educators into his analysis of why Obama is so screwed up.  Add to Obama’s narcissism the influence of the progressives during his formative years: 

“Psychologizing introduced an emotionalism to education that defocused the student from facts, knowledge, and contributing to the prosperity of society. Teachers gradually split into factions, with ruinous consequences for American society. Some teachers continued to embrace the knowledge goal, but many of them began to indoctrinate their captive young sponges in ‘critical thinking’ — a euphemism for rabidly questioning everything and adopting a mindset that rejects all that has gone before. Traditional American values and free-market capitalism have become primary targets of critical thinking.”

 In other words, Obama’s constant spewing of platitudinous palaver is a symptom of his Progressivism.

The era of Progressivism was the beginning of Bill Ayers style anti-Americanism in education:

 “Progressivism gained altitude in the early 1900s when the left began to mainline poison flowing from the typewriters of elite philosophical intelligentsia. Talking trash about America became a prerequisite for enlightenment. In 1920, Sigmund Freud wrote, ‘The tension between the harsh super-ego and the ego that is subjected to it is called by us the sense of guilt… Civilization obtains mastery over the individual’s dangerous desire for aggression by weakening and disarming it and by setting up an agency within him to watch over it, like a garrison in a conquered city.’[2] Historian Paul Johnson points out that liberals morphing into progressives gulped this kind of psychobabble in order to sell their guilt-urge as ‘a sign not of vice, but of virtue.’[3] Beneath this contrived virtue hides the fragile progressive psyche.”

The Progressive agenda is the foundation of today’s social justice teaching. 

The goal of social justice teaching is to convince students that they are victims of an ‘unjust, oppressive and racist America. “A few years of this kind of ‘education’ and the kids are primed for a takeover by community organizers who will mobilize them to vote for the far left’”.

Future teachers are fully indoctrinated into radical leftist ideology. Teaching materials are provided by special interest groups with distinctly left wing agendas. School districts invite these groups to conduct “professional development” training, at tax payer expense.

Bill Ayers’ textbooks are currently in use in 1500 schools; they are among the most widely used of all texts.

Roger provides one explanation for Obama’s dangerous passivity toward our enemies:

“Barack Obama, quintessential embodiment of that psyche, fears the responsibility that accompanies Freud’s ‘aggression’ — aggression of the sort required to defend America, a country guilty of so much evil. Progressives reject actions to which their haywired minds assign evil intent, and any aggression in defense of the malevolent empire reflects evil intent. Furthermore, aggression means action, and action takes time, time that the pseudo-intellectual needs for theorizing impossible theories. Therefore, in place of physical aggression, Obama summons guilt, softens it with manufactured feel-good, apologizes for his guilty country, and plays Ring around the Rosie with murderous Iranian and Al Qaeda thugs. In his spare time, the President invites economic ruin with policies adorned in ‘fairness’ and sold through eloquence. Progressive shame often wears such hypnotic camouflage.”

However, I disagree with Roger’s theory that Obama is driven by guilt:

“Guilt renders the virtuous progressive superior. Our naïve President is a most dangerously naïve product of educational, media, political, and cultural elitism. Purveyors of this elitism have successfully drilled generations of Americans in the ‘thinking’ required to accept guilt where none is warranted. Those elitists’ efforts have bred unhealthy social trends and economic policies sufficient to cast the future of America in a far dimmer light than traditional values and sound economics would otherwise have assured.”

 Narcissists don’t have access to normal empathy; thus, they don’t experience guilt and shame the way the rest of us do.  Some narcissists learn to mimic normal human emotions. Clinton is the master of this; he claimed to feel our pain, and plenty of Americans believed him.  Clinton learned how to win people over with his pseudo empathy.  Obama has yet to demonstrate anything we could call true empathy; irrespective of the words he uses, there is no real emotional content. What Obama does do, however, is manipulate others into feeling guilty for America’s perceived sins. 

As Carl Vogel said:  “The beauty of being a narcissist is that even when disaster stares you in the face, you feel neither doubt no remorse.”

 Roger’s description of Obama’s yen to “fundamentally change” America will sound painfully familiar to anyone who has been abused by a narcissist; which is to say anyone who has ever been involved with a narcissist.  It’s not a coincidence that many domestic abusers are narcissists:

 ”Product of Harvard and Columbia Universities, President Barack Obama declared his desire to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America.’ But why? An emotionally stable man in love with a woman does not wish to ‘fundamentally transform’ her. Yet our President would have us believe that when the object of his love is his country, he has license to remake his loved one into something he’d really love — really.”

Though guilt is not the driver of Obama’s agenda-his narcissism, his ideology and George Soros are-Roger gives a good analysis of Progressivism and how it has infested our public schools.  He also makes it clear the kind of mess we make when we combine radical ideology with pathological narcissism and then give such a creature the keys to the White House.


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    This is an excellent article! Well written, informative and right on! Thank you.

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