Dems in Mass Panic

Joy Tiz



Democrat angst is palpable in Massachusetts.  Enthusiasm for Scott Brown is soaring just as the public becomes increasingly repulsed by democrat candidate for senate, Martha Coakley, described by Ann Coulter as “too immoral for Ted Kennedy’s seat.” 

The people of Massachusetts recall her heinous behavior keeping an innocent man in prison for eighteen years for her own political purposes.  While generalized revulsion for all things democrat has taken hold, even in such liberal citadels as Massachusetts; Scott Brown is generating overwhelming enthusiasm.  NRO’s Kathryn Lopez received an email describing the mood on the ground:

  “ Good morning! I am writing to report to you about my experience volunteering for Scott Brown this weekend— I have never seen anything like it in Massachusetts. I traveled down to Brown’s headquarters this weekend with a friend to volunteer. When we arrived, the place was full, with probably 65 volunteers making phone calls and helping out staffers with various tasks. As I was waiting to sign in, I spent some time talking to the volunteer answering the phones at the front portion of the office. She said that the volunteer turnout was unlike anything she had seen during her years of helping Republicans in Massachusetts. She also told me that the campaign had run out of yard signs late last week, as a constant stream of people had been dropping in to get one for their yards (don’t worry, they are apparently ordering more). “ 

Democrats have much to panic about these days; a threat to the dynastic Kennedy seat is scaring the daylights out of them.  The DNC has started rolling in the big guns to defend a seat that democrats have long considered their birth right. 

Politicois reporting that the DNC is sending national press secretary, Hari Sevugan to help Coakley: 

“Hari Sevugan, the DNC’s national  press secretary, confirms he’s headed to Boston to help with Martha Coakley’s effort, a move that underscores how focused the party is on the race.

Sevugan’s campaign and party role has been on offense, and I’d expect him to amp up the volume and intensity of attacks on Republican Scott Brown.

‘While we think the Globe poll arrests the Beltway storyline over the past few days and is a sign that campaign is very well positioned, this should be read as that Democrats aren’t taking anything for granted,’ said a party official.”

Conspicuously absent on the campaign trail is the messiah-turned-albatross, Barack Obama. 

If this race finishes with Brown even close to Coakely, it will be a calamity of epic proportions for the left.  If they can’t hold onto Massachusetts aided and abetted by the unions and ACORN, it’s Mayday for the democrats.




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    Very nice write-up. I absolutely love this site. Thanks!

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    Watching the Democrats is like watching a slow-motion train wreck.


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