Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Goth Kids

Parents, take heed!  If your son or daughter is into the dopey Goth thing, a vampire enthusiast or Evanescence fan, they will be unable to run for public office  as conservatives when they grow up. 

Delaware senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell offered herself up as the pinata on an old Bill Mahr show and confessed to having dabbled around with witchcraft in high school. 

Although the GOP establishment went into hysterics, O’Donnell’s approval rating with teenage girls shot up immediately following the revelation.  Stevie Nicks has not yet commented.

While you must discourage your kids from going Goth, they can, however, embrace Marxism, as did O’Donnell’s opponent.  Going Marxist opens many doors, including the one to the White House.

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