K.T. McFarland: About Those Missing Afghans

Joy Tiz


While everyone else was beguiled by the BP show trials, the always astute K.T. McFarland was posing a few intriguing questions about the AWOL Afghani soldiers who have evaporated someplace in the United States.

1. Why are we just hearing about this situation now, when some of the people on the list have been missing for 2 years? And when the most recent person to go missing was 6 months ago. Has something changed? What’s happened to make us — all of a sudden — become more alert?

2. Was there a previous notice about this missing men? The Be-on-the-Lookout (BOLO) notice released on Wednesday was given a wide distribution — it was distributed to local and federal law enforcement officials and joint terrorism task force members across the country. Was there previous military to military notification that went out earlier this year through military security?

3. Here’s a simple but important question: Are these guys all on the no-fly list? They better be! But if they’re are not, why not?

4. Has there been an explanation about why all 17 of these men appear on the list, especially if 7 of them have already been accounted for?

5. Going back to Monday night, when a couple was arrested for trying to enter Madill Air Force Base, we learned that they were picked up in 90 seconds. I’ve been going to military bases for 40 years, believe me, nothing happens in 90 seconds on a military base! The lightening fast action on the base doesn’t make sense. Either the folks at Madill are lying about it or the base was on a VERY heightened state of alert. Remember these Afghan deserters had full access to bases.

Excellent points all.  It is far too easy to disappear once you’re in America—student loan defaulters not withstanding—VISA overstays are a favored antic of jihadis.  McFarland correctly observes that the political posturing about immigration is setting us up for future disasters.

Question number three is especially disconcerting—are these guys on the no fly list or not?  Or is the administration planning to continue to rely on that can’t-miss strategy of hoping the bombs don’t explode?

Who would have guessed that seventeen Afghans trained by the U.S. and given high level security clearances would be this agitated over ObamaCare?  Or, as McFarland muses, maybe they’re overwrought about their mortgages.


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