Obama: Democracy is Messy, Avoid It

Joy Tiz



Today, we sometimes hear that democracy stands in the way of economic progress.

-Barack Obama


This wasn’t the first time Obama marveled at the ability of Indonesia to withstand the horrors of democratization. 

Indonesia survived, at least on the surface, financial meltdown and democratization.  (Audacity of Hope).

Obama has never given Suharto credit for his unbroken commitment to fight communism.  Rather, he refers to Suharto’s regime as “brutally repressive” and blames the United States for supporting Suharto’s regime.  Obama does not bother himself to ponder what life would have been like for the people of Indonesia had Suharto not been willing to fend off the communist coup.   Has the world seen a communist regime that was kind and nurturing? Obama actually saw the democratization of Indonesia as a negative, refusing to accept that democracy can lead to prosperity.

The Commander in Chief is conspicuously AWOL on Veterans’ Day but did make an appearance in Jakarta for their Heroes Day.  Obama honored their veterans who sacrificed on behalf of “this great country”.  He meant Indonesia, not the United States. 

The president deeply appreciates the sacrifices made by veterans—just not our veterans.  Rather than commemorate those who have lost their lives defending our freedom and fighting Islamic terrorism, Obama prefers to lecture the world about how we should stop mistrusting Islam.

Perhaps it’s better this way.  Does anyone really have the stomach for watching Obama trying to fake concern for our troops?  Want to really honor our military?  Give them a better Commander in Chief in 2012.


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