Cowardly Dems Flee Madison

Frightened Democrats have fled riot torn Madison, Wisconsin triggering a police search for the errant politicians at taxpayer expense.  Police are searching for the dedicated public servants who are hiding out in hopes of dodging a vote on Governor Scott Walker’s bill to strip public employee unions of many of their collective bargaining rights. 

Because nothing says democracy like refusing to vote, Democrats are essentially boycotting the voting process.  Some state legislators are believed to be hiding in other states.

Most terrifying to union thugs and their liberal hacks is the opt out provision in the new law.  Workers would actually be able to choose for themselves whether to join unions. 

Non union Americans who still have jobs typically do not have the luxury of negotiating their vacation and sick days.  But they are forced to pay for those benefits for anyone on the government payroll.

Egypt had the Brotherhood, we have the unions bringing outsiders into the zone to whip up more chaos and violence with the full blessing of the DNC.

In honor of the new Era of Civility, Scott Walker’s face has already been seen in crosshairs in the crowd.

It’s never facsim when liberals do it.


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