Gibberish Bails!

It’s a day of both celebration and mourning for conservatives as the 112th Congress moves into DC, we must say goodbye to one of our favorite punch lines, White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs.

The charisma challenged buffoon was always good for a few laughs.  But, what is overlooked is how spectacularly good he was at his job–assuming that you understand what his job actually was.

Gibberish protected his president.  The job, as he saw it, was to divert and deflect attention away from Obama’s outrageous behavior and disastrous policies.  Never give a direct answer to a question.  Dodge, weave and insult.  Gibbs drew the ire of the most stalwart Obama sycophants–the mainstream press– with his snarky answers to their questions and his stubborn refusal to take their calls or respond to their emails.

If the job description was all about obfuscating and hiding the truth from the American people, Gibbs nailed it.

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