Popular Putrification

Joy Tiz



At the same time William Ayers was hijacking our schoolchildren, the popular culture was decomposing.  With the advent of the Great Society and the disintegration of the nuclear family, the decline of our pop culture parallels the disintegration of our educational system.  Radicals grabbed control over both. 

MTV’s biggest contribution to the collapse of decent society has to be the introduction of reality TV. Exploiting as many mentally disturbed wretches they could find, MTV lowered the bar in entertainment, effectively turning the vulgar into the mainstream.  Reality TV has contributed mightily to the ruination of pop culture and the abandonment of common decency.  Celebudoc Drew Pinsky says that reality TV participants are actually more narcissistic than most professional entertainers.  Observing the extreme narcissism we see in Hollywood, this is quite a statement.

MTV rolled out its first reality show in 1992. The Real Worldassembled seven young people together in a SoHo loft, filming them twenty-four seven.  As expected, there was plenty of chaos and acting out.  By 2000, reality TV had exploded. 

Our culture has become increasingly narcissistic.  Barack Obama’s narcissism has been tolerated because our pop culture has made narcissism seem normal.  Young Americans watching addled misfits like Paris Hilton and her ilk now seek fame for its own sake, a prize they hold in higher regard than doing anything useful with their lives.

For previous generations, the question: “Where were you when Kennedy was shot” has served as a conversation starter as well as a catalyst for exploration of a shared history.  It would seem that the quintessential question will soon be: “Where were you when you found out Michael Jackson was dead?”

A radicalized educational system combined with a decaying popular culture were essential elements in getting a candidate like Obama into the White House and keeping Charlie Sheen in the news.



From:  Obamanutz:  a Cult Leader Takes the White House

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