Bibi’s Subtle Diss of Barry

You have to start with the premise that the Prime Minister of Israel chooses his words carefully.  Unlike our president who is more enchanted with the sound of his own voice than Narcissus was with his reflection.

Netanyahu was asked by Chris Wallace on Wallace’s Fox News Sunday show about the terrorist attack on a bus in Bulgaria that slaughtered five Israeli tourists.  Bibi was well beyond adamant that the perpetrators were Hezbollah, supported by Iran.  On this point, the prime minister was quite forceful.

Wallace then asked Netanyahu if he had shared any of his recently acquired information with President Obama.  Bibi fell silent for a few seconds,  which spoke volumes to anyone paying attention.  When he finally responded, it was to say that he had shared the intel with the “appropriate agencies.”  With “friendly regimes.”

At no time did the Prime Minister say he had shared any intel with Obama.  His few moments of silence and comment about friendly regimes were not off hand comments.  This is a man who thinks before he speaks. 

I know we’re not used to that, which is probably why nobody in the media picked it up.

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