Illinois, Illinois

By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois.  O’er they prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois . . . or something like that.  In elementary school, we had to learn the Illinois state song.  Even more incredibly, we had to know the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance before they were outlawed by liberals in all 57 states.

I’m giving up my age here, but I grew up under the real Mayor Daley, not today’s cheap imitations, in Mayor Daley’s Chicago.  As a child growing up in a politically engaged household, I was aware at an early age that Illinois is actually a mere appendage of Chicago.  Something of a suburb, if you will.

Every election was a big deal at our house.  A popcorn popping, staying up late kind of big deal.  Although we knew that all elections were decided in Chicago, we still politely waited until the “returns from the river wards” came in.

Mayor Daley was actually ahead of his time.  He was a champion of the rights of the discarnate long before the ADA came along.  Who knew that once we enter the pearly gates, we all become Democrats?

No deceased voter would be disenfranchised on Daley’s watch.

It’s no surprise that Chicago was kind to Mitt Romney last night.  After all, it was a Republican primary, not a real election.  Come the general, Mitt’s going to learn what the Chicago Way is really all about.  Chicago is also one of Obama’s numerous home towns.  The level of corruption, viciousness and probably violence would disgust even the original Mayor Daley.

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